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Stark Video Productions

For more than 20 years, Stark Video Productions has provided the area’s most compelling and creative approaches to videography for social clubs, law firms, large and small companies and non-profit organizations' multimedia needs. Featuring full-service productions, created from script to screen - we can cater to your message and help to tell your stories. If you can imagine it, we can create it. Our artistic skills have been featured in local venues as-well-as television productions seen by millions of viewers worldwide on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Destination America, Sports Illustrated and MTV to name a few. We have an extensive reference list and are happy to share our successes with you. For a slightly different look at our more creative side, check out Bill From the Ville at for additional related information, or visit the Social Media icons located in the footer of this website. Stark Video Productions clients enjoy a one-on-one relationship that allows their personal needs and objectives to be met on time and in budget. Our goal is to provide superb service at an exceptional value. We look forward to hearing from you, contact Bill Stark at (502) 298-5090 to schedule a free consultation or email at him at

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SVP LEGAL Services

The power of video and multimedia has become the difference between winning and losing in the courtroom. Key testimony from an expert witness with good body language can literally turn juries and settlement mediations around - reflecting a person’s credibility and truthfulness, two vital elements when preparing for a case. Small subtle mannerisms speak volumes about character and are especially obvious in depositions, custom Day-in-a-Life documentaries and pre-trial examinations. Is your current case worth accurately preserving the permanent record with video? Our expertise allows the jury to see and hear compelling testimony and how lives have been changed. Let us work with you and your team, as we have for others, assisting in multi-million dollar award settlements. If you have any questions or would like additonal information, give Bill Stark a call at (502) 298-5090 to schedule a free consultation or email at

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Fulfill your creative vision for corporate imaging using our services. Productions from custom designed concepts that bring imagination and experience to a sophisticated audience. We assist you by combining resources and talent to create an incredible high-quality product such as commercials, documentaries, marketing/special event promotions, orientation, training videos and seminars. Let years of experience coupled with competitive pricing make your next project an amazing work of art. If you would like to discuss more details, contact Bill Stark at (502) 298-5090 to schedule a free consultation or email him at

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