Thank you for doing such an incredible job on capturing our wedding day. The video was so well done and we will enjoy watching it for many years to come. We truly enjoyed working with you and will highly recommend you to anyone that has a need for video productions. Thanks again!
- Natalie and Nathan
Chris and I absolutely adore our wedding video.... it will be a lifelong keepsake. You did an incredible job! Thank you for all your hard work, kindness and patience the day of the wedding.
- Kelly Marie
We loved the video! It was great and it captures all of our wedding moments that we wanted! It was beautifully put together and we loved how you did the interview, music and the different shots.
- Jenny and Pete
John and I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did at our wedding and reception. You captured our memories and our moments with such perfection.....I was surprised how comfortable you made me feel....We love the shots of the church....We both consider it a privilege and a blessing to have had you participate in our wedding so intimately....Thank you for your talent.
- Ellen
Thank you for doing a wonderful job during our wedding. I didn't even know the videographer was there....You were great to work with, everyone was complimentary.
- Kimberly and Brian
....thank you for putting together such a great video for us. Our memories will always be just a videotape away thanks to you. We were glad you were able to share the time with us and really appreciate your post-wedding work and editing.
- Sean and Laura
We were blessed with such an incredible day that we just wanted to express our gratitude to you for helping make the day so special......a day we won't forget.....thanks to you we can relive our special day at any time.
- Kevin and Natalie
Thanks so much for the great job you did.......the presentation was spectacular.
- Nikki and Quinn
On behalf of the Portland Center and Portland Promise, I would like to extend a warm thank you. The "extra"time and effort spent on the video assures us of a quality product without the "extra"cost. Your donated time in helping to make our fund-raiser a success is greatly appreciated.
- Joni
I have enjoyed the video very much. I've cried, I've laughed and I've seen things I didn't see that night.....I especially like all the visual and sound effects....I'm sure we will watch this for quite some time and years from now. Thanks again for video taping a wonderful event for us.
- Mary Ann
Thanks so much for taping my daughter's happiest day in her life....You did the best.....
- Kathie
Enjoyed the video...good quality pictures... lots of good shots of everything... Nice job!
- Dave and Carol